UK 45MM Cheap Bell & Ross BR X1 Tourbillon Chronograph Marine Replica Watches For Men

This kind of watch is the most unique equipped with extraordinary mechanical device. The tourbillon which was introduced in 1801 is regarded as the ultimate precision device by the clock fans. The system is used to influence the earth’s gravity compensation is in vertical position. The Bell & Ross Marine replica watches with mechanical movements are designed to achieve a greater degree of accuracy.

Bell & Ross BR X1 Tourbillon Chronograph Marine Fake Watches

They are prestigious Bell & Ross fake watches with 18k rose gold and wooden cases. A gold plated metal timing plate is arranged at the 2 and 10 points respectively. The first is a time of 60 seconds with a long second configuration under 6 times for a second. The second is a 30 minute timer with the configuration of semi instantaneous jump hands. At 6 o’clock position it is fixed with gold plated frame which is very eye-catching.

Bell & Ross BR X1 Tourbillon Chronograph Marine Replica Watches

The frame of the tourbillon is also decorated with “&” symbol which is used for calibration. Such a sophisticated mechanical device is the crystallization of Bell & Ross & Ross engineers and many Swiss watchmakers collaboration. The entire series of copy watches with brown crocodile straps are used sapphire crystal glass back cover, so that people can enjoy the core parts of the extraordinary mechanical device.