Two Cheap Replica Watches UK That Successfully Passed The Tests From COSC

The job of the COSC is to measure and prove the accuracy of the mechanical movement, especially to ensure that the daily running error of the watch is between +6 and -4 seconds. The watches that successfully passed the tests could be announced officially to the public that they have been strictly tested. So COSC is very important and the precise fake watches that have been certified by COSC will be sold more expensive. But in recently years, the price of these watches has been decreased. Today I will recommend you two cheap models.

Mido Commander

The orange second hand is contrasted to the gray background.

Dark Gray Dial Fake Mido Commander

Commander offers several versions of different colors for the customers and its movement provides a power reserve of 80 hours, meanwhile, it has been certified by COSC. Mido Commander copy watch with steel case has inherited the classic design of dial of the original model launched in 1959. Meanwhile, the orange second hand is striking to the dark gray background.

Tissot Heritage

This Tissot could be considered as the most eye-catching model of the watch brand.

Automatic Movement Replica Tissot Watch

The brown fabric strap imitation Tissot could be considered the coolest and most distinctive one among all the models of Tissot. The travel – oriented timepiece looks very special and you will never miss the departure time.